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A sincere, enthusiastic partner for the purchase and sale of your property.


We will not make you any false promises. We develop relationships with our customers on the basis of honesty. We take time to understand your expectations so that we are able to identify your future projects more effectively. The best property transactions are the ones which satisfy the buyer as well as the seller. The ideal property is not necessarily the cheapest. The best sale is not necessarily the most expensive. We set out together in search of the best opportunities and consider the actual market situation in an objective manner.

Pleasure in our business

Buying or selling a property is a serious business. It is easier to prepare for these activities with enthusiasm and confidence in the future. The pleasure that we derive from our business does not mean that we take it lightly. Quite the opposite. Our main concern is to enable you to bring your projects to fruition by sharing your long-term objectives. Our aim is to help you to feel confident that you have made the right decision both at the time of the transaction and beyond.

Tailor-made meetings

LA Immo works in cooperation with an extensive network of partners and has an excellent understanding of the property market in Luxembourg and the main players involved. As an estate agent, our main job consists of bringing people together who share common interests. With this aim in mind, we offer a tailor-made service based on your expectations, wishes and requirements. Together we can establish contacts in the market with people who will help you to make your projects a reality.

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We help wherever and whenever we can

It is our dearest wish to share our success with people less fortunate than we are. Therefore, every time we manage to sell a property, we donate a certain amount to a charity supporting social projects throughout the world.

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